Our Story

They say a good watch needs to be versatile in both functionality and style. LACHLANN is the ultimate travel-style timepiece trifecta: utility, versatility, and overall design.

This sole timepiece can work well on your wrist while wearing a suit in the boardroom, on the plane, facilitating meetings, casually strolling outdoors, or out to brunches and dinners. The simplicity, minimalism, and functionality of the design is reminiscent of the picturesque waterfront and serene landscape of Bergen, Norway, where we get our design inspirations from.

LACHLANN was created for those who are ambitious, self-assured, and constantly having the desire to tread and explore uncharted territories. It is for those who do not follow where the path may lead, but go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Let LACHLANN watches complement you as you dream, explore, and forge your legacy.